Seeking Legal Protection Amanda Manopo Threatened

22/05/2021 by - Artist, National, Threat

Seeking Legal Protection Amanda Manopo Threatened

Seeking Legal Protection Amanda Manopo Threatened – everyone must have felt the feeling of being threatened but if it is outrageous it is better to complain to the side than to make life unsettled under a threat.

The soap opera player Ikatan Cinta, Amanda Manopo received death threats. It is known that the death threat to Amanda Manopo was received through an Instagram account. A number of Instagram accounts sent murder threats on Amanda Manopo’s personal Instagram account.

Amanda feels uncomfortable to be scared after getting the threat. Things like this we observe in her post if once or twice it means there is evil intentions we must explore. If we think that it will disturb Amanda’s comfort, of course there will be legal action.

The lawyer said that in the future, his party would not hesitate to take firm action if threats continued to come, because these threats were not just one but many that made Amanda feel uncomfortable with the situation.

Amanda Manopo’s mother is also very worried about her child’s mental condition. In principle, we also don’t want to go to lawyers. But I have a big Manopo family who see all the posts on Instagram. I hope that in the future there will be no more written threats to corner him

through her Instagram Stories Amanda Manopo confided in her heart regarding the threats she received. I am very welcome to upload whatever you like and do strange things out there. After all the dramas that have been made in your content, I hope not to mess with the atmosphere by using my name again

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