List of Indonesian Artists Who Recovered from Illness

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List of Indonesian Artists Who Recovered from Illness

List of Indonesian Artists Who Recovered from Illness – Everyone can certainly experience a disease that can attack him just like that. Including the artist, almost all meanings can get sick. But the disease that is experienced is definitely very different, from easy to overcome to severe disease. Even so, the fact is that there are a number of celebrities known to have suffered from certain diseases. Luckily, their various efforts and struggles to recover have paid off. Here are some celebrities who have suffered from serious illnesses and managed to recover.

1. Titiek Puspa

Titiek Puspa once amazed the public with her story on Youtube Daddy Corbuzier. At that time, the senior singer who was often called “grandmother” told about his struggle against stage 3 cervical cancer.

Based on his story, Titiek had to go back and forth from Jakarta to Singapore to do treatment. Titiek Puspa also had time to look for the best doctor in America. In addition to medical treatment, the 82-year-old singer also undergoes meditation as an effort to recover. Luckily, his efforts were not in vain, until now this ageless senior artist still looks healthy and cheerful.

2. Vidi Aldiano

At the end of 2019, Vidi Aldiano had become the center of public attention. Through a video post on Instagram, Vidi announced that he had cancer in his left kidney. In the video, Vidi, who will undergo surgery, also asks for prayers for his friends and fans. Before the video was made, Vidi was known to have often commuted from Jakarta to Singapore to control his health condition.
Vidi’s video post floods with good prayers for his recovery. Including from his fellow celebrities. These supports made Vidi finally recover as usual again. After returning to health, Vidi is known to be increasingly adopting a healthy lifestyle. He does not hesitate to avoid a number of foods that are taboo.

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3. Epy Kusnandar

The actor who played Kang Mus in the film PREMAN PENSIUN, Epy Kusnandar also had cancer. The type of cancer that Epy suffered was brain cancer. In fact, in 2010 Epy’s life was sentenced to not be long. But Epy was not discouraged, he tried various alternative treatments and therapies. Epy also no longer eats meat, and consumes ant nest herbal medicine.
The doctor’s verdict did not happen. Evidently, Epy’s age is still long. Now he is still healthy and working. Even through his acting in PREMAN PENSIUN, his career also shines. Epy Kusnandar’s struggle should be an example.

4. Andien

The singer who has just given birth to her second child, Andien, has also had cancer. To be precise, when he was still in the 2nd grade of high school. Andien had suffered from breast cancer. Andien did a number of treatments to overcome the deadly disease.
In 2002, Andien finally decided to remove the cancer through surgery. After officially recovering and until now Andien is known to be one of the celebrities who are known to live a healthy life.

5. Aldi Taher

Several years ago, Aldi Taher had a vacuum from the world of entertainment. The reason was none other than to treat the lymph cancer he was suffering from. Aldi Taher cancer is characterized by the appearance of lumps around the neck.
During his vacuum, Aldi focused on various treatments. One of them is undergoing chemotherapy. Now, Aldi is known to be back in shape. Aldi has returned to work in the entertainment world. In fact, at this time Aldi is also trying to enter the world of politics.

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