List of Artists Married to Caucasians

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List of Artists Married to Caucasians

List of Artists Married to Caucasians – In Indonesia, there are several artists who fall in love and marry Caucasians and some even live abroad. The following are the names of Indonesian artists who are married to Caucasians

1. Beautiful Kalalo

Beautiful artist Indah Kalalo seems to be happy right now. The reason is, on September 18, her marriage to a man from Australia, Justin Werner, is in its seventh year. Through her upload on Instagram, Indah expressed her happiness in having a companion like Justin Wener. For 7 years of marriage, their household has always seemed harmonious and far from slanted news. From this marriage, they have been blessed with 3 children.

2. Maudy Koesnaedi

Zaenab’s role in the film Si Doel The Movie does have a unique Indonesian beauty. This is what finally made a Caucasian businessman from the Netherlands, Erik Meijer, fall in love and marry him in 2002. Running a household for 16 years is certainly not an easy thing, but in fact they are able to maintain harmony until now. Maudy and Erik have also been blessed with a handsome son named Eddy Maliq Meijer.

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3. Nadia Vega

You could say, Nadia Vega is one of the lucky artists because she can marry the man who has been her idol all this time. Nadia really idolizes the figure of Sultan Yaar Jorik Dozy who is an animator behind the animated film The Avengers. Nadia, who continued her animation education in Australia, finally met her idol and made love. Who would have thought, they finally got married on June 6, 2015 and lasts until now.

4. Melaney Ricardo

Melaney Ricardo’s meeting with a man from Australia, Tyson James Lynch, is quite unique, you know. Their love story started from a paper containing the criteria for the ideal husband that Melaney wanted and tucked it between the pages of the Bible. Eventually, the two of them got to know each other through friendship on Facebook. As time went by, they decided to get married on July 31, 2010. Their household seemed harmonious and pleasant because both of them were indeed humorous figures.

5. Shanty

This exotic-skinned singer also chose to marry a Caucasian from Ecuador named Sebastian Paredes. The age difference of up to 18 years did not become a stumbling block for Shanty and they finally decided to get married on July 24, 2010. The household that has been established for 8 years is far from slanted. From this marriage, Indah and Sebastian have two handsome sons.

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