Indonesian Artists Who Look Ageless

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Indonesian Artists Who Look Ageless

Indonesian Artists Who Look Ageless – In Indonesia, there are many artists whose age is 40 years and over, but who would have thought that this artist actually has a face that lasts easily. Who are they?

1. Rossa

The singer of the song Tegar is not only known for his melodious voice. Her cute appearance also managed to steal the public’s attention.
This Sundanese-blooded singer also already has a child who is growing up. In fact, if he is photographed side by side with the baby, the two look like brothers.
Last November 2020, Rossa just released a video clip of her latest song, entitled Still. The video stars a Korean model from SM Entertainment. In the video, Rossa looks like a confused young girl and her appearance does not look like a 42-year-old woman.

2. Maudy Koesnaedi

The actress who skyrocketed thanks to her skills in playing roles in Si Doel Anak Sekolahan still looks beautiful at the age of 45 years. His professionalism also makes Maudy Koesnaedi still exist in the entertainment world even though he is juxtaposed with other beautiful young artists.

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3. Cut Tary

This presenter and soap opera actor started his career in the entertainment world since he was a teenager. Cut Tary was one of the finalists for the selection of GIRL Cover in 1991. She also briefly starred in an advertisement for teenage cosmetic products in 1993. At that time she was 16 years old.
Cut Tary also plays various soap opera titles, such as Travel, Melati, My Hope Prayer, Blue Cafe, Tersanjung Fortuna Goddess and Rosalinda.
This Acehnese-blooded woman has also been blessed with a child from her marriage to Yusuf Subrata. In 2019, Cu Tary remarried to actor Richard Kevin.

4. Olga Lydia

This 43-year-old woman started her career in the entertainment world as a catwalk model, commercials, and video clips. In the world of acting, he has also played in several soap operas such as Lo Fen Koei and the horror film 12 AM.

Olga Lydia is also in the business world, owning a recording studio and vocal lessons ‘Rumah Bintang’, and a Japanese restaurant. In 2017, Olga officially married Raphael Aris Utama.

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