Homeland Artists Born Abroad

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Homeland Artists Born Abroad

Homeland Artists Born Abroad – In Indonesia, there are many artists who have mulatto foreigners who adorn the Indonesian screen. They appear when starring in a soap opera or as a filler in a program. Like artists Celine Evangelista, Megan Domani, and Cinta Laura, they are known as Indonesian actresses who have mulatto faces. It is the result of the marriage of a father and mother of mixed blood, making them eventually born abroad.

However, apart from the three actresses mentioned above, there are other Indonesian female celebrities who are native to Indonesia but also born abroad. Here is a list of 10 Indonesian artists who were not born in Indonesia. Anyone? Let’s scroll through the article below!

1. Nirina Zubir
The actress whose full name is Nirina Raudatul Jannah Zubir was born in Antananarivo, Madagascar, March 12, 1980. Nirina was born in Madagascar because her father, Zubir Amin, was serving as a diplomat at the Indonesian Embassy in Madagascar.

Nirina has starred in several films such as Heart, Get Married, Delisa Prayer Memories, and Cemara Family. In fact, her role as Rachel in the film Heart was awarded the Citra Award at the 2016 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI).

2. Jajang C Noer
Senior actress Jajang C. Noer was also born overseas. This mother of two children was born with the name Lidia Djunita Pamoentjak and was born in Paris, France, on June 28, 1952.

During his career, Jajang has starred in dozens of films and television cinema titles. Among them were the films Lip Mer (1991) and Cinta Tapi Beda (2012) which brought Jajang’s name to the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 1992 and 2013.

3. Alwi Assegaf
Alwi Assegaf is a child actor whose name skyrocketed thanks to the main role he played in the colossal soap opera Raden Kian Santang. Since then, he has starred in several films, soap operas, and commercials on the small screen.

The 14-year-old actor was born in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. He has Japanese blood from his mother, Mayumi Yoshida.

4. Wulan Guritno
The woman whose full name is Sri Wulandari Guritno is known as an actress and presenter of mixed Javanese-English blood. Wulan himself was born in London on April 14, 1981.

Even though she is no longer young, this mother of three still looks young. He is also still productive on the cinema screen. Last year, he co-starred with a number of other artists in the films After Met You and Reva Guna Guna.

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5. Pandji Pragiwaksono
You must be familiar with this man. Yups, he is Pandji Pragiwaksono Wongsoyudo. The man who is known as an actor, comedian, and presenter was born in Singapore, on June 18, 1979.

Before venturing into the world of acting and stand up comedy, Pandji was known as a radio announcer. In fact, he has released two rap music albums. Pandji’s name skyrocketed after he entered the world of stand up comedy. He has also starred in dozens of film titles, including Comic 8, Insya Allah Sah, and Particleir.

6. Darius Sinathrya
The man whose full name is Darius Sinathrya Kartoprawiro was born in Kloten, Switzerland, on May 21, 1985. Throughout his career, the husband of presenter Donna Agnesia has starred in several films such as Nagabonar Jadi 2, Pocong 3, and Difficult Signal.

He is also known as a sports host on several private television stations. Thanks to his expertise in hosting events, he has won four Panasonic Gobel Awards as Favorite Sports Presenter.

7. Ibrahim Imran (Baim)
Ibrahim Imran or better known as Baim is one of Indonesia’s famous musicians. He is now a member of the musical group The Dance Company. Previously, Baim first joined Ada Band as a vocalist as well as a guitarist.

But do you know? Baim was not born in Indonesia. The husband of Artika Sari Devi was born in Hong Kong, on May 31, 1975.

8. Nadya Hutagalung
Nadya was born in Sydney, Australia, July 28, 1974. The woman whose full name is Nadya Yuti Hutagalung has been a model since she was only 12 years old. Nine years later, he became a VJ when MTV Asia just aired in Singapore.

She is also known as an artist, jewelry designer, environmental activist, and even a judge in Asia’s Next Top Model.

9. Laura Basuki
Laura Basuki was born in West Berlin, on January 9, 1988. She started her career in the entertainment world by playing in the film Gara-gara Bola in 2008. Her career skyrocketed after starring in the film 3 Hati Dua Dunia, Satu Cinta. Thanks to that film, she managed to steal the Citra Cup at the 2010 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) as the Best Female Leading Actor.

10. Fauzi Baadilla
The man who is often called Oji was born in Cairo, Egypt, September 25, 1979. Oji has starred in dozens of films, such as Chasing the Sun, 9 Dragons, Rectoverso, and Di Balik 98. Now, he is known to be more active in social movements and doing social activities. traveling.

Well, that’s ten Indonesian artists who were born abroad. Some of them, do not even have the same blood as the place where they were born.

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