Suspected fugitive Terrorist caught in Sukabumi

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Suspected fugitive Terrorist caught in Sukabumi

Suspected fugitive Terrorist caught in Sukabumi – The perpetrators of terrorist threats are never ending in every country which is always endeavored to have the terrorist perpetrators arrested by the authorities

The police arrested one of the Jakarta terror suspects who was on the People Wanted List (DPO), aka a fugitive. The suspected terrorist with the initials YI was arrested in Cinerang Village, Purabaya District, Sukabumi. YI played a role as the planner and manufacture of the bomb found at the residence of the suspected HH terrorist in the Condet area, East Jakarta. Continued to participate in the bomb experiment in Ciampea Bogor. Stay on top of remote and acetone purchases

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in Jakarta alone, Densus 88 has carried out a series of arrests of terrorist suspects. The latest is that the police have arrested the former General Secretary of FPI, Munarman. He was also arrested based on a number of cases of his participation in acts of allegiance in Makassar, Jakarta and Medan.

After the arrest, the police also conducted a search at the former FPI office in Petamburan, Central Jakarta. The police confiscated evidence in the form of FPI attributes and a number of documents. Until now, the perpetrator is still in the process of being investigated at Polda Metro Jaya after being brought from Sukabumi.

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